Lyrics to Nothing Left at all
by Breaking Point

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[edit]Song titleNothing Left at all
[edit]Artist nameBreaking Point
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's so ugly inside here
I'm trapped here
I cannot leave this place
Everything is all changing and fading
And i want to escape
But just when i thought
i'd found a way out
I fall right on my face

So don't wait too late
To see that they take
til there's nothing
Nothing left at all
We live to give ourselves away
But they take til there's
nothing left at all

Is there anyone out there
To hear me
Hear me crying out
Cause i need someone to show me
Find more similar lyrics on reality of what i've got to face
But just when i finally
start to wake up
I find out it's too late


Why can't they hear us
Why can't they see
Cause we're crying out for something
Something to believe


Don't wait too late to see
that we're fighting for
Something that's already gone
Today i gave myself away
And i'm left here with nothing
Nothing left at all
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Lyrics to Nothing Left at all
by Breaking Point

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