Lyrics to If i'm Dreaming Just let me Dream
by Brenda Lee

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[edit]Song titleIf i'm Dreaming Just let me Dream
[edit]Artist nameBrenda Lee
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Please don't tell me if you're not real let me
keep feeling the way I feel I'm bubblin' over with
love supreme and if I'm dreaming just let me dream
Ah please don't wake me if I'm asleep just give
the angels my soul to keep I'd be so happy if I
could speak and if I'm dreaming just let me dream
My heart is jumpin' up and down the street if this
Find more similar lyrics on't love it's the next best thing So keep on
doing what your doing to me if I'm your prisoner
don't set me free Your red hot kisses warm me like
steam cause so if I'm dreaming just let me dream

So keep on doing... Just let me dream
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Lyrics to If i'm Dreaming Just let me Dream
by Brenda Lee

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