Lyrics to Breath of Life
by Brian Setzer

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[edit]Song titleBreath of Life
[edit]Artist nameBrian Setzer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You stepped in and dark tuned to light
I knew right there you were the breath of life
Just when I'd given up the fight
I knew right there you were the breath of life
Just when the morning had lost it's bitter bite
Ooh, ooh! you never think your heart will butterfly
Ballerina, don't you dance your life away
Those years meant nothing 'til this cold December day!
You stepped back to say goodnight
I knew right there you were the breath of life
We looked up at a blinding light
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I've been hidin' alone out in the night
On and on, like a dream that never ends
So come on out, don't say goodnight
Out of the shadows to the neon light
Meet you down where that Dixieland plays
Leave all your troubles, gonna dance 'em away
Drop my hands by my side, let the hours slip away
Don't say nothin', let the music play
Twenty years on down, when the time is right
I'll turn around and know you were the breath of life
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Lyrics to Breath of Life
by Brian Setzer

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