Lyrics to Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
by Bright Eyes

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[edit]Song titleFalling Out Of Love At This Volume
[edit]Artist nameBright Eyes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tell me what you wanted to hear
Let me do the right thing
Let me do the wrong thing
And if it's ever this clear
I will only say it once
Just let me turn the amps way up
So, you can hear nothing
And if I die tonight, then I guess I die tonight
Let me go on
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Just say what you wanted to say
I cannot stand these talks, dear
They only get me nowhere
It's never resolved
We only run around
Only tell me anyone could be just like me
If it's a different time and a different place to be
You would go on
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Lyrics to Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
by Bright Eyes

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