Lyrics to Pepsi Joy of Cola
by Britney Spears

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[edit]Song titlePepsi Joy of Cola
[edit]Artist nameBritney Spears
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My heart will skip
a beat
I never look before I leap
just enjoy the ride
there'll be no reason why
cause everything's alright
take your time
baby take your time
the world is yours and mine
look and you will find
(and you will find)
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of Pepsi
the world goes round and round
Find more similar lyrics on some things never change
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of Pepsi
I know you can feel it
feel the joy
look and you will find
its taste is on my mind
and I won't be denied
(and you will find)
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of Pepsi (yeah)
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of Pepsi (yeeeaaahhh.)
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Lyrics to Pepsi Joy of Cola
by Britney Spears

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