Lyrics to When I Get You Home
by Britney Spears

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[edit]Song titleWhen I Get You Home
[edit]Artist nameBritney Spears
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh yeah, yeah, yeah (x3)

When I get you home
Babe, that's when the fun starts
It's just me and you
You and me
Our own private party
When I get you home

I saw you at the club, oh yeah
In a corner by yourself
I chatted you up and, oh
We grinded, yeah babe
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au Refrain, x2

Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna get close up and personal.
Horizontal dance... (laughs)
Don't be scared... I won't bite...

au Refrain, x2

Oh baby, baby, when I get you home...
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Lyrics to When I Get You Home
by Britney Spears

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