Lyrics to Slaves to the Pyre
by Brodequin

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[edit]Song titleSlaves to the Pyre
[edit]Artist nameBrodequin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Passing under the divine bodies hanging under the
sacred grove that adjoins the temple Uppsala
putrefaction a sign of god's approval

Suffocating holy odour of the dead blessing the
believers until the seasons end god Of the gallows
observing from within asgard watching as they make
their way preparing To send this slave into the
spirit world to accompany her master and celebrate
with the Glorious dead

Find more similar lyrics on last days spent feasting drinking and having
sex with her master's friends Volunteering for a
heathen death hail the gods who bring up the winds
making the flames More intense decreasing the time
for crossing over lowered and restrained strangled
with a Rope overwhelmed and struggling to breathe
a ritual dagger plunged into the chest

Warm blood floods the lungs an unbroken gaze upon
the face quiet and peaceful as the body Is
consumed by flames.
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Lyrics to Slaves to the Pyre
by Brodequin

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