Lyrics to Decimated Genitalia
by Broken Hope

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[edit]Song titleDecimated Genitalia
[edit]Artist nameBroken Hope
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Scrotum nailed to the block,
Testicles obliterated by ballpeen hammer.
Labia stitched shut, blood runs from suture.
Clitoris removed with the yank of a hook.
Vulva and suprapubic region
pulverized by sledgehammer blow.
Fucked to the cervix with a razor wire dowel.
Internally ripped, chewed, ground and sliced.
Cunt queefs vaginal blood hunks unevenly diced.
Long needle rod, barbed on the end.
Thrust deep down the corpora cavernosa.
A turn, a pull, and out comes the works.
Scrotum pulled through and turned inside out.

Piercing screams of griding groins,
Mutilation of the purest loins,
Manhood removed and women’s venus.
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Excruciating pain, castration would be better.
The pleasure of orgasm never known.
Infected needle broken in balls and thus.
Later, about to cum he ejaculates pus.

Vaginoplasty for each appalling tear.
Mangled twats beyond repair.
Genitourinary core pulverized with malice.
Obliterated genitals, vagina and phallus.

Genitortured reproductive organs decimated.
Sickenly forced or self-immolated.
Genitals never again as they were,
Hacked up crotches resemble bloody hamburger.
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Lyrics to Decimated Genitalia
by Broken Hope

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