Lyrics to Run from Love
by Bronski Beat

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[edit]Song titleRun from Love
[edit]Artist nameBronski Beat
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hundreds & Thousands
r o n ski)
Love is strong won't let you go
Hunts you down it wants you so.
Lost in love a fool can't see
Broken heart are meant to be

You can't run from love
You can't run.

Tears its way into your heart,
Find more similar lyrics on and you fall apart
Pain is all it has to give
All I want is to hold

Tears of pain, once tears of joy
Emptiness and a boy destroyed
A heart lies lost and slightly soiled
And still I cry to hold you

You can't run from love
You can't run.
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Lyrics to Run from Love
by Bronski Beat

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