Lyrics to Devils and Gunsmoke
by Brotha Lynch Hung

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[edit]Song titleDevils and Gunsmoke
[edit]Artist nameBrotha Lynch Hung
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yeah, straight from the muthafuckin duece
It's the Brotha Lynch Hung once again, ya know what I'm sayin
And all I see is muthafuckin devils and gunsmoke, ya know
But I ain't gon' trip, I'm just gon kick
some shit for y'all muthafuckas
So peep this out

Niggas better always know
For y'all so-called devils and gunsmoke
Walkin through the duece
Ya got, better eat, no joke
Livin life like a muthafuckin criminal
Watchin my back from gettin jacked by the 5-0
One-time peepin a nigga out
A couple a dank sacks in my Dickies
Ol' English in my mouth
Ya know, and if it wasn't for my muthafuckin skin tone
I wouldn't even trip, just strike my black ass home
Even if I had a chrome
I bust two caps and head home
Hopin to hit fools right in the dome
'Cause all I see is devils and gunsmoke
Pussy and hoes, and hella blood when my nine blows
A young nigga on the rage, rampage
Twenty-four years of age with a 40 and a 12-gauge
And then a muthafucka change
Baby killin ass nigga and ain't a damn thang strange
A muthafucka sold juice, bulletproof
Known to eat a pussy and put a gun inside of it and shoot
A nigga wit' a mind so bad
Close my eyes, and all I see is little
bloody babies in a Glad bag
Nigga, Manson ain't shit
I got niggas killin mamas and niggas on the devils dick
Find more similar lyrics on now it all adds up the this, locc
Niggas hatin God and all I see is devils and gunsmoke

Yeah, you know what my drunk ass father told me
He said 'look little nigga, you have to
run your own muthafuckin life'
And I was trippin, 'cause this muthafucka
had a gun to my muthafuckin head

It was about 12 o' clock, somethin don't smell right
I'm in the hall in the middle of the night
Somethin reekin like sweat, drippin off a burnt up pig
Muthafuckas in the crib, crept through the hall like a thief
Fiends a fiends, and cocaine smoke nigga no-name
Folks run in the crib, you know the situations tore up
My homies sellin dope to my folks but you know what
I don't give a fuck no more 'cause I'ma blow up
Usin all the fury inside to make some more cuts
'Cause all I see is what?
Black muthafuckas walkin 'round tryna' found out what's what
Smoke up, but all I see is threats
Swear if I see anotha muthafucka I don't know
In my crib, I'ma shoot him in the neck
Pimp respect for a muthafuckin vet
Causin anotha nigga death
Do a little time for a slut
Shoot before I get shot, playin fools like a half deck
'Cause all I see is devils and gunsmoke
I say that 'cause I don't wanna claim and end up like X-Raided
You know I gotta eat if I eat ya, see if I see ya
Shoot up, then I'm on my way
'Cause my mama used to say, it ain't a hoax
Because niggas are hatin God and all I
see is devils and gunsmoke
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Lyrics to Devils and Gunsmoke
by Brotha Lynch Hung

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