Lyrics to Prince Charming
by Brother Ali

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[edit]Song titlePrince Charming
[edit]Artist nameBrother Ali
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You just don't know what you do to me
If you would just give me a chance then
I'm sure you'll see, baby
You just don't know what you do to me
Only God knows what can happen when you fool with me, lady

VERSE 1: Brother Ali
Excuse me, I mean pardon me
I mean you got me so shook I can hardly see
And I ain't tryin to be foul or disrespectful or nothin
But I feel like the universe should tell you somethin
You somethin, and I don't say that to be sayin it
Many came and went, but baby, you the main event
That's why I stopped ya, it's not just the body parts
That made me watch ya, mama, you got the posture
And demeanor of the Queen of Sheeba
And I'm Prince Charming, girl, pleased to meet ya
I could be your student, you could be my teacher
And I'm majorin your idiosyncrasies
And I please trouble you to use a word with 'w'
The way your lips movin got me pluggin too
You a great ten frame draped in heaven-made skin
And a faint grin, can a church say amen?
But why you catchin the bus?
With your backpockets lookin like they're ready to bust
Got a you and a me, now let's make it a us
Long story short, let me get a phone number, somethin, girl


Oh Lord

VERSE 2: Brother Ali
Third date, can't stop fate
I know you can relate cause I can see it in your face
Find more similar lyrics on's time to take this thing we got to the next level
You know, I mean spend all our waking hours together
Surprise, showed up at your job again
And I took the time to interview all of your friends
I don't think they good enough for a queen like you
In fact, cuttin them bitches off the first thing you need to do
I was thinkin, I wanna be everything to you
I'm the only friend you'll ever need, man, that's true
Besides, I bought you a beeper, so I can reach ya
Anytime I need ya, you in the streets just
Cluckin and cluckin, and cluckin and cluckin
Girl, we could be at home gettin into somethin
So don't look at me foul and don't talk to me funny
Won't you come on through, give daddy some of that honey, girl


VERSE 3: Brother Ali
Did you have to go and tell the law you scared of me?
They came to mama's house and embarrassed me
Can't no piece of paper keep me away from you
You just don't understand how much I love you
I tried to tell you that I was sorry with a card
But I found it in the garbage in your backyard
Everytime I get involved it's some shit that happen
Girl, you start out nice, then forget your manners
Let me tell you that's what's wrong with these women today
How you gon' have a good man feelin this way?
It's a 30 second message that I left you today
And I know you're home cause your curtains have opened
Quit playin these child-ass games, girl
I mean I got a tatoo with your name, girl
You gon' mess around and get somebody killed
Cause if I can't have ya nobody will

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Lyrics to Prince Charming
by Brother Ali

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