Lyrics to Roll Of The Dice
by Bruce Springsteen

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[edit]Song titleRoll Of The Dice
[edit]Artist nameBruce Springsteen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I've been a losin' gambler
Just throwin' snake eyes
Love ain't got me downhearted
I know up around the corner lies
My fool's paradise
In just another roll of the dice

All my elevens and sevens been comin' up
Sixes and nines
But since I fell for you baby
Been comin' on changin' times
They're just waitin' over the rise
Just another roll of the dice

I've stumbled and I know I made my mistakes
But tonight I'm gonna be playin'
for all of the stakes

Well it's never too late so come on girl
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You and me and lady luck well tonight
We'll be celebrating
Drinkin' champagne on ice
In just another roll of the dice

High-rollers lay down your
bets and I'll raise 'em
Well I know the odds ain't in my favor

Maybe I'm just a clown throwin' down
Lookin' to come up busted
I'm a thief in the house of love
And I can't be trusted
Well I'll be making my heist
In just another roll of the dice
Move on up
Come on seven
Roll me baby
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Lyrics to Roll Of The Dice
by Bruce Springsteen

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