Lyrics to Runaway
by Bubba Sparxxx

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[edit]Song titleRunaway
[edit]Artist nameBubba Sparxxx
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i wanna runaway with you i wanna runaway with you
cause baby your my everything

(bubba sparxxx) i dont need all this all i need is
us come on girl lets put it in the wind i dont
care none about no one if they loved us they
should of did it when they had a chance but now
the dance is over and fo sho its highway time baby
top down cant stop now playin the past i aint
trying i aint lyin when i say we done came of age
knowing thangs just change time to spread our
wings fly to better thangs pack your suit case
todays the day dont tell yo momma dont tell yo
sista it ill only complicate the issue well mail
them a box of tissues tha only one that loves you
is right here with you girl ever look back our
destiny awaits us and whatever place we park the
brakes i work my hands to the bone id thats what
it takes give us everything our folks never had im
prepared for that it may take a while but im gon
make yo u smile forever i said a prayer for dad i
know hes listenin at least to this one if he never
heard none of the others this is me and you and im
gon see it through from this highway to under the
covers babeeee

(frankie j) i wanna run away with you theres
nothing they could do or say to make us stay
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(bubba sparxxx) we got off the exit in waco
frankie j was on the radio asked her was she
afraid to go all the way with this she delayed the
no i said baby i just need to know if u aint down
we can turn it around your happiness is my
happiness and thats the only thing thats
concerning me now just hurt me now she said would
you please let me talk for once then all at once
she went in the house she been trying to prevent
this all from us i thought because she didnt love
me only me its just that she with held the vital
piece of info she looked up at me with both eyes
full of tears she said you remember that day at
clinic i went in with the doctor and told you i
did it i wunt able to go through with it no you
didnt how could you wait a minute that makes you
what? 3 months and some change well baby doll that
just aint enough to de-rail us cause see that just
means theres 3 of us but answer this at what point
did you think this topic should be dicussed i dont
know whether to cry or smile but somehow im doing
both but this change is nothing i got 2 babies now
i solemnly swear to be true to both babeee

(frankie j) i wanna run away with you theres
nothing they could do or say to make us stay
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Lyrics to Runaway
by Bubba Sparxxx

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