Lyrics to Piece of the Action
by Buck Fizz

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[edit]Song titlePiece of the Action
[edit]Artist nameBuck Fizz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I feel so lonely when I'm left alone
And I know
you're having fun
With all the other boys in town.
Why am I the only one?
I'm a first class loser that you
don't wanna have around
I keep calling in the dead of night
Until you say you're gonna
try treating me right.

well I know it sounds funny
But I don't wanna be in love
Just wanna piece of the action

And there's no amount of money
That could ever be too much
To get a piece of the action

To get piece of the action

Just wanna piece of the action
Just wanna piece of the action
To get piece of the action.
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Little by little I'm beginning to learn

You're many man woman and
it's heavy on my mind.
Any time you wanted love

You just snapped your fingers
And it's not very hard to find.
I don't wanna tie you down but it'll
Feel so good with you around.

well I know it sounds funny . . .

I don't wanna be the life of the party

I just wanna little
excitement lay it down.

well I know it sounds funny

well I know it sounds funny . . .
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Lyrics to Piece of the Action
by Buck Fizz

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