Lyrics to Band Keeps Playin' on
by Buck Owens

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[edit]Song titleBand Keeps Playin' on
[edit]Artist nameBuck Owens
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You walked in with me but you walked out with
someone else And left me sitting here alone all by
myself I thought you were over him but I was wrong
My world stopped but the band keeps playin' on
They just keep playin' they don't notice you were
gone You walked right out on me while they played
our favorite song And before you reached the door
my teardrops hit the floor My world stopped but
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Well you said you'd forgotten him and no more did
you care But when we walked in your eyes lit up as
you saw him sitting there Well he asked you to
dance and just like that you were gone And my
world stopped but the band keeps playin' on They
just keep playin'..
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Lyrics to Band Keeps Playin' on
by Buck Owens

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