Lyrics to Corn Liquor
by Buck Owens

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[edit]Song titleCorn Liquor
[edit]Artist nameBuck Owens
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well when I was a little bitty boy no bigger than
an old polecat Well I used to wonder like all kids
what made this to that Now I'd seen what happened
to my pa when he take a drink from a jug Yeah he'd
start with a smile and then after awhile he'd be
out on the floor like rug Corn liquor (corn
liquor) corn liquor (corn liquor) what makes you
do what you do Well they feel no pain when you
touch their brain corn liquor they love you

Well now one day in the afternoon my folks were
away for awhile Yeah I got the jug down from the
shelf to see what made 'em smile Now I slowly sip
Find more similar lyrics on the nearly flip that one drink was enough For
the life of me I just can't see why they love that
awful stuff Corn liquor (corn liquor)... fiddle

Well as I grew older I thought about that first
sip that I had Yeah I really burned and soon I
learned it wasn't all that bad Now to ease the
pressures of this world here's the way I've got it
figured Well the thing to do for me and you is
drink lotsa good corn liquor Corn liquor (corn
liquor)... Yeah I feel no pain when you touch my
brain corn liquor I love you
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Lyrics to Corn Liquor
by Buck Owens

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