Lyrics to Roll out the red Carpet
by Buck Owens

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[edit]Song titleRoll out the red Carpet
[edit]Artist nameBuck Owens
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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duet with Don Rich
I'm gonna roll out the red carpet when you come
home I'm gonna treat you like a VIP I feel like
you ain't never known Gonna have a brass band at
the station gonna let 'em know what the united
nation I'm a gonna roll out the red carpet when
you come home

Well I think I hear old 99 round in the bend And I
know it won't be long until you're in my arms
Find more similar lyrics on I'm a gonna love you hug and kiss you gonna
let you know how much I miss you I'm a gonna roll
out the red carpet when you come home I'm gonna
roll out the red carpet... guitar
Well I worn out my best shoes walking the floor
And I won't sleep a wink till you knock on my door
Since I got a word that you was a comin' the clock
on the wall is about stop runnin' I'm a gonna roll
out the red carpet when you come home I'm gonna
roll out the red carpet...
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Lyrics to Roll out the red Carpet
by Buck Owens

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