Lyrics to White Satin bed
by Buck Owens

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[edit]Song titleWhite Satin bed
[edit]Artist nameBuck Owens
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hangin' on to every nickel and every dime never
had a dollar to call mine I gotta work tomorrow
just to pay for the day Well I worked all that I
can stand now I long for the day Then I can sleep
in my white satin bed with a red velvet pillow for
my head They'll lower me into my grave with gropes
of gold and bread And I'll sleep for eternity in
my white satin bed
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Well I never had no soft warm bed before just a
cold park bench or a boxcar floor Thumbin' north
to the coal mines or south to cotton fields Oh
hangin' on it won't be long till I'll know how it
feels To sleep in my white satin bed... Yes I'll
sleep for eternity in my white satin bed
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Lyrics to White Satin bed
by Buck Owens

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