Lyrics to Bluebird
by Buffalo Springfield

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[edit]Song titleBluebird
[edit]Artist nameBuffalo Springfield
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Listen to my bluebird laugh
She can't tell you why
Deep within her heart, you see
She knows only crying, just crying

There she sits, aloft a perch
Strangest color blue
Flying is forgotten now
Thinks only of you, just you, oh yeah

So get all those blues
Must be a thousand hues
And be just differently used
You just know
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You sit there mesmerized
By the depth of her eyes
That you can't categorize
She got soul, she got soul
She got soul, she got soul

Do you think she loves you?
Do you think at all?

Soon she's going to fly away
Sadness is her own
Give herself a bath of tears
And go home and go home
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Lyrics to Bluebird
by Buffalo Springfield

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