Lyrics to Shadows of the Wars
by Burning in Hell

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[edit]Song titleShadows of the Wars
[edit]Artist nameBurning in Hell
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro

In the begining of bloody wars
soldiers fight for their lives
But many are wounded and started to
die cannot see the sunrise
Soldiers marching in the way of death
Feeling pain and fear
Cannot change their destiny they shed tears from their eyes
In the sky signs of blood for all eternity
Destruction fire cannot be controled by man
Women and children are praying
While the soldiers are dying
In this war that will never have an end
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They live in shadows trying to save their lives
Escaping death to live in peace someday
Their hearts want to touch the skies
Not became one more shadows of the wars
Screams of pain and agony sounded in this battle fields
When the night starts to fall, suffering bells will ring
Many guns and many deaths helpless
children suffering and crying
Soldiers faces show the sadness but they have to fight
On the ground, the dust from misery
Shadows of the wars not giving hope to live
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Lyrics to Shadows of the Wars
by Burning in Hell

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