Lyrics to Fall of thy Kingdom
by Burning Point

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[edit]Song titleFall of thy Kingdom
[edit]Artist nameBurning Point
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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music and lyrics by P.Ahonen & J.Kyro

Suspicion grows inside my head
the life I have lived
makes me see red

It's time to make the tables turn
all the bridges will burn


All the secrets unfold
all the stories will be told
it's the Fall of Thy Kingdom

Repeating phrases from the book
Find more similar lyrics on future is already doomed
it's the Fall of Thy Kingdom

Abandoned by your faithful few
breaking the spell
taking our lives from you

Your walls will come crumbling down
you have lost the jeweled crown


Finally kings and queens
were defeated by the servants
silence falls on empty halls
the reign of terror has gone
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Lyrics to Fall of thy Kingdom
by Burning Point

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