Lyrics to Solutions
by Bush

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[edit]Song titleSolutions
[edit]Artist nameBush
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The devil you know
Is back here again
The devil is stoned
He's making friends

We move, we break
The sun with shade
You come, we go
We're fast, we're slow

Blood on your dress
Hole in your sky
Blanket is gone
Permanent night

We're glued, we break
We all dilate
We please, we pain

She checks her head
She's in the smoke
Figuring which way to turn
Now she's got a rope oh

We need solutions
A brain megaphone
We need solutions
A brain megaphone

She's broken your shoes
Find more similar lyrics on look like winter
You're all in a bruise
Handful of splinters

We brood, we flake
We torch, we take
Rebound, rebirth cocoon

I could be wrong
I could be right
Do you think we'll make it
Out of here alive oh

We need solutions
A brain megaphone
We need solutions
We got a common home
A brain megaphone
A brain megaphone

She makes me see God
I'm out on a line
Anyway the pleasure comes oh

We need solutions
A brain megaphone
We need solutions
We got a common home
Home, home, home, home
Home, home, home
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Lyrics to Solutions
by Bush

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