Lyrics to I Just Want You To Want This Again
by Butch Walker

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[edit]Song titleI Just Want You To Want This Again
[edit]Artist nameButch Walker
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I sat up front 'cause you wanted the back.
I touched your leg through the vinyl seat crack.
Of my best friends' Camaro
Hoping this trip never ends.

You said to call and I watched as you left.
I told my friend not to pull off just yet
So I could watch every inch of you walking away.

And I just want to want you again.
And I just want you to want this again.

Find more similar lyrics on can't turn my drunken words into song
I spit at the keys and it turns out all wrong.
Are you reading to short version or reading the long?
I don't know.

And I sat by a couple tonight over drinks.
I listened just long enough to reflect and think
About what it's like to get love
What it's like to show.

And I just want to want you again.
And I just want you to want this again.
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Lyrics to I Just Want You To Want This Again
by Butch Walker

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