Lyrics to Necro as Fuck
by Cadaver

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[edit]Song titleNecro as Fuck
[edit]Artist nameCadaver
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Anders Odden /
Carl-Michael Eide,
Lyrics: Ole Jørgen Moe

Merciless suicide realm
Treacherous antichrist haze
Sacrifice your life to me
The monarch of inhuman seeds

Send your corpse away
Rid you all of pride
Fucking time to die

Torture you even when dead
Bury the way of the lamb
Cover your body with chains
Mourning throughout the land

Send your corpse away
Rid you all of pride
Fucking time to die

And the scars I will see
Like the face of the moon
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Necro as fuck!

And the scars you shall see
Like the face of the moon
Cast no blessings at me
Necro as fuck!

White burning sands
Pale yearning hands
Fainting hollow eyes
Necro-world will fucking rise

Come on!

White burning sands
Pale yearning hands
Dying Jesus son
Atrocities have not yet begun

Send your corpse away
Rid you all of pride
Fucking time to die
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Lyrics to Necro as Fuck
by Cadaver

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