Lyrics to Your and my Dead Stars
by Cadaverous Condition

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[edit]Song titleYour and my Dead Stars
[edit]Artist nameCadaverous Condition
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I suffer under your and my dead stars
everything I'd give you, all behind my eyes
just call my name and I'll be with you
I call your name and there's not much
you would do

I suffer under your and my dead stars
memories are wounds, they kill me every day
all the stars shine bright tonight
one reason to live and one to die

and never forget, the pain felt
your and my stars are dead dead dead
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again I'm waiting, once more I'm falling
down, left behind, I'm passing time
oh it's killing me and
I listen to the radio as I try to sleep

I suffer under your and my dead stars
I fall under your and my dead stars
call my name and I'll be with you
I die under your and my dead stars

I'll never forget the pain felt
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Lyrics to Your and my Dead Stars
by Cadaverous Condition

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