Lyrics to My Heart Pisses Blood for you
by Cadillac Blindside

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[edit]Song titleMy Heart Pisses Blood for you
[edit]Artist nameCadillac Blindside
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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gather around and place your bets whether it will
happen to you. i've seen it happen too many times
cause people won't lend out their hands. we try to
deny that it happens to friends cause what you
don't see won't hurt so clinch your eyes shut
until they bleed. they're fallen, quit you
stalling, chances are some bad luck will get you
too. change won't solve it, they need more than
thrown away food. i'm not sure what the answer is,
are you? a man walks up stumbling drunk selling
Find more similar lyrics on to kids underage. when asked
"why?" all he could say was "my
heart pisses blood for you". i'm not sure
what he meant but he was quoting aa. which leads
me to believe that he tried to change his life one
day. yeah watch him go. watch him go away now.
things slip away sometimes. things need to change
sometimes. some have it better for some that do,
how the hell does it feel to be a jerk?
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Lyrics to My Heart Pisses Blood for you
by Cadillac Blindside

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