Lyrics to Standing up for Nothing
by Caedmon's Call

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[edit]Song titleStanding up for Nothing
[edit]Artist nameCaedmon's Call
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can't stop staring at myself
My face reflected in this empty plate
I can't decide if it's the devil
Or if it's just something I ate
'Cause he's been down there all morning
He's patiently waiting at my gate
He's throwing rocks at my window
"Hey won't you come on out and play with me"
And every day when I get up
I see folks trading in their crowns
For all these paper or plastic lives
An opiate for the masses' hounds
And pride like a vestige of lives lost
The stench of the old folks coming around
Now with the news I heard today
I can't tell if this world is lost or found
You go, I'll be waiting here
And I'm awake, no I cannot sleep
So I'll sit upon this rock is you
I ain't standing up for nothing
I've never seen my congressman
But I can't deny that he exists
'Cause I've seen his legislation pass
I've seen his name on the ballot list
The same I can't deny this fallen world
Though not my home it's where I live
Find more similar lyrics on can I preserve and light the way
For a world that I can't admit I'm in
'Cause I know who I say you are
But these crows can't be made to stop
So I'll sit denying by this fire
I ain't standing up for nothing
Lack of interest leads to
Lack of knowledge leads to
Lack of perspective leads to
Lack of communication leads to
Lack of understanding leads to
Lack of concern leads to
This complacency denotes
This approval denies
The truth
But I can't stop staring at myself
It's my face reflected in this empty plate
And I know that it's the devil
So you lead, I'll be close behind
So you speak, I'll hang on your words
You've got to lift me from this hardened tree
'Cause I ain't standing up for nothing
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Corey Cossentino
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Lyrics to Standing up for Nothing
by Caedmon's Call

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