Lyrics to Roka (Danza de la Muerte)
by Calexico

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[edit]Song titleRoka (Danza de la Muerte)
[edit]Artist nameCalexico
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sleeping in the valley,
valley of ill fortune
Waking cross the river,
river of delusion
Full moon lures the waves,
waves of desperation
Empty hearts and mouths wither away

So close your eyes
Slow your breath
Dream of northern lights
Around this dance of death

No abandones, no llores, busca tu rio
No te sientas perdido
Gira, vuelta y vuelta gira
Danza de la muerte
Que viene a verte

Cup your hands to her
Find more similar lyrics on heart, parched and
Broken heart
No water here to drink way downstream
One goes where the water
flows and water's running
So don't give up no don't cry, don't cry

Just close our eyes
Pretend we forget
North country dreams
Twist this dance of death

Danza de la muerte
Si viene a verte
Que bailando te encuentre
Bailando, girando
Danza de la muerte

Spin round, spin round, spin round
Vuelta, vuelta, muerte
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Lyrics to Roka (Danza de la Muerte)
by Calexico

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