Lyrics to Buckles up
by Califa Thugs

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[edit]Song titleBuckles up
[edit]Artist nameCalifa Thugs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Proper Dos Now can bounce like a bad check even
when you have sex I leave em crippled Frank commin
triple X Whats next from a long night of cruisin I
line em up and then I start chosen Them firme
hynas down for an all nighter And they kick with
motherfuckin wicked westsider As we slide slide
with that gangsters pride Not a studio pimp with
my girl by my side Frank V I'm staight single,
always down to mingle Sharing is caring that's my
motherfuckin jingle You say you got a man yeah I
always hear it But see I got a plan and I can't
break my spirit So baby don't fear it cause
tonight I'm bustin you Your man ain't with you
that's what he gets for trustin you It's a mans
world and tonight your my girl So hit the three
wheel motion and let the forth one twirl

Coro: Mr. Sancho Hold your buckles up and raise
your chin to the sky Gettin ready to gangbang to
this beat and watch this gangster glide 2x

Mr. Sancho This Califa Thug show me love with
the smoke bud Smell the aroma of this smokin
marijuana Now Imma tell you somethin while your
bumpin in your trunk in switchs Bitchs wantin
riches but they just end up in ditches, slash
Califa Thugs will make you mash Take that P make
you perky, leave your worries in the past Now it's
time to get high and drunk And make you body numb
Find more similar lyrics on this nights begun And these Califa Thugs
will show you how it's done From a flip of my
tongue I'm just blowin' and goin' and knowin' And
bitches be knowin that I don't know And I always
be comin' for something (?) Kick it a while, true
to my style Low Profile kickin it a while Thugs
will make you bounce if the ladies want A Sur
Califa Thugs will make you bounce like a Chevy '62

Grouch Openin up my eyes to another sunny day
San Diego, California, simon thats where we stay
Busters, haters, disrespecters, you need to stay
away Hustlers, Bangers, Slangers, makin' money
anyway That you possibly can cause you know that
I'm that man With an ounce in my hand, 6-1-9 be
that land Where you get that cronic, damn Ain't no
need for push and shove Homie show me love This
Califa Thug Smokin all my cronic bud, buzzin off
my beer Makin' them bumpin' tracks that I know you
wanna hear Is it so clear please don't push So
come in hear comin' in from the rear All mest up
with a suitcase Put the car in rear, I charge in
gear, I jacked a beer While I get away wanna hear
my say wanna hear my say Smokin' and chokin' and
puffin then takin' a hit from a big fat J everyday

Everyday homie you know that's how we do it in
San Diego
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Lyrics to Buckles up
by Califa Thugs

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