Lyrics to The Birthday Cake
by Camel

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[edit]Song titleThe Birthday Cake
[edit]Artist nameCamel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Instrumental) Weeks of monotony filled his life
with an opposite extreme. No longer pursued by
opportunists who disguised themselves with good
intentions, his body regained strength. The
government arranged his back-pay. The mass of
generation-removed relatives ceased their dutiful
visits and eventually no one came to see the hero
Find more similar lyrics on had fought the longest war. For his 50th
birthday, the nursing staff organised a small
party. To make him feel at home, the festive cake
has been decorated in the form of a tropical
island. Nude was visibly moved by the occasion and
yet he seemed strangely distracted. They thought
it best to leave him alone.
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Lyrics to The Birthday Cake
by Camel

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