Lyrics to Your Picture
by Camera Obscura

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[edit]Song titleYour Picture
[edit]Artist nameCamera Obscura
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Your picture

My friend she told me such a story but
she didn't know what I knew
I laughed with my friend when she got to the end
I knew we were laughing at you

She told me that you made some money and you
got yourself frames on the wall
People come by and they look at your face
And they say it's the fairest of all

Of course you protest
That's what you do best
You're modest and shy to the end

You're watching them a as they're looking at you
Find more similar lyrics on you know it was money well spent

She told me you'd given up drinking
to be with somebody you knew
And you tried to get into the bible
But it never got into you

You've still got some loyal disciples I
suppose that I'm one of the few
I shouldn't have laughed Cause I mean you no harm
But my friend got to me before you

And next time I see you I'll be pleased to see you
I hope you'll be pleased to see me
I'll visit your picture I won't have the nerve
To tell them that they've got you all wrong
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Lyrics to Your Picture
by Camera Obscura

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