Lyrics to Violence
by Cam'ron

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[edit]Song titleViolence
[edit]Artist nameCam'ron
Killa Cam
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fuck whoever sayin' shit
Fuck the whole system
Fuck whoever playin me
Fuck whoever listenin' to Guliani

Fuck purgery, fuck the club
Fuck the ball, fuck the bar
Fuck them, fuck security

I put a gun to your girl
That's how I fuck her
(Fuck ya)
Even Juvenile say
He don't give a fuck

Beyond the worst on this shit
Pump mark go first on this shit
Let's hear him talk like a dirt on this shit

Fuck ass bitch nigga pussy, ho ho
Punta Marico Clerra
I put a gun to your brain
Push you in front of the train
Drink Smirnoff waitin' for it wear off

Take your ear off tear your ear off
You loadless strip now you blowless
Got it strapped yeah you know this
Pop a bitch hug a bitch rob, a bitch mug a bitch

Get outta here, pop the bitch
Find more similar lyrics on the die bitch nigga

Bitch nigga die
Die, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga die

Die, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga die
Die, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga die

Die, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga die
Die, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga die

Die, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga die
Die, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga die

You don't know me grab you I will
Fuck what you heard stabs you got killed
Kill, kill, kill, kill which triple saw
We burn bitches nipples off, blew pistols off
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Cam'ron biography

Cam'Rons Birth name: Cameron Ezike Giles

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Lyrics to Violence
by Cam'ron

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