Lyrics to Blood Bath
by Cancer

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[edit]Song titleBlood Bath
[edit]Artist nameCancer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I am possessed by death, perverted to unbelief
Showing no remorse, killing all th(os)e pigs
Slicing to your throat, hacking at your face
Ungodly thoughts arise, women I despise

Cadavers domain where I once stood
None remain apart from the blood

Visions of their deaths, bloody bodies lie
See the wounds on (the) flesh,
it's you who's next to die
Find more similar lyrics on you die in pain, I look with no shame
No hope for her to be saved, I laugh
when others (are) grieving

So I came to you
For death
Blood I spill, what's left ?
Cold flesh

Cadavers domain where I once stood
None remain apart from the blood...
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Lyrics to Blood Bath
by Cancer

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