Lyrics to Curse Arcanum
by Cancerslug

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[edit]Song titleCurse Arcanum
[edit]Artist nameCancerslug
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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a curse for the body a curse for the soul
we are taking over
a curse for the nation a curse for the world
broken beaten bastards
curse at the top of your fucking lungs
we the ancient power
a curse for vengeance a curse for blood
curse arcanum breeding
the fire in you
hate in their eyes
just take one final breath
and i'll watch you die
its all i know
i see through their lies
just take one final breath
and i'll watch you die
curse the mother and curse the child
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a curse from the serpent of
the gardens smile
take one last look fucker
curse the morning and curse the dusk
life and death are merging
a curse that was given to all of us
curse the cold and curse the flame
curse the building tension
a curse in the lowliest vile name
feel the end thats comming
a curse of passion is a curse of lust
take your time accepting
one last curse then turn to dust
curse arcanum breeding
tortured bliss descending
all our lives are ending
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Lyrics to Curse Arcanum
by Cancerslug

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