Lyrics to A cry from the Crypt
by Candlemass

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[edit]Song titleA cry from the Crypt
[edit]Artist nameCandlemass
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hear the cry
the cry of tormented pain
a voice darker than evil
the deadly moaning of hell
Oh no!
the unborn has tasted no light
Sharing the rest of the dead
not aware of the years that go by
Lurking in the shadows
twisted shape of creeping terror
guarding something special
gone since ages, dead and buried
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There's a cry from the crypt
There's a cry from the crypt
It has been there for a thousand years
a lonely, lost and suffering soul
shedding all its black tears
faithful beyond death
cries of pain you hear
from the crypt below
the one the being loved so much
has turned into dust
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Lyrics to A cry from the Crypt
by Candlemass

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