Lyrics to Necrosadistic Warning
by Cannibal Corpse

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[edit]Song titleNecrosadistic Warning
[edit]Artist nameCannibal Corpse
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music and lyrics by Alex Webster

Hordes of the rotting
dead surround the
Unwary victims mangled and battered
Once buried warriors have
risen to kill again
Signs of their wickedness
left for a warning

Kill and rape

Gratification achieved
by dismemberment
Unnatural legions
ravage the carcasses
Open wounds targets
for evil defilers
Seed of iniquity
covers the body parts

Necrosadistic warning
You will not rest in peace

Death so foul
Pieces raped

Bound with intestines the
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Travelers encounter the
gruesome monition
Terrorized realization
of coming death
They will be next for
the army of killers
Necrosadistic warning
You will not rest in peace
Necrosadistic warning
Remains are on display
Necrosadistic warning
You will not rest in peace
Necrosadistic warning
Molested corpses hang


Kill them
Then fuck

Necrosadistic warning
You will not rest in peace
Necrosadistic warning
Discharge on the corpse
Necrosadistic warning
You will not rest in peace
Necrosadistic warning
Desecration of the dead

Solo: Pat O' Brien
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Lyrics to Necrosadistic Warning
by Cannibal Corpse

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