Lyrics to The Cryptic Stench
by Cannibal Corpse

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[edit]Song titleThe Cryptic Stench
[edit]Artist nameCannibal Corpse
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tearing at my neck, my sharpened teeth pierce the meat
My warm bloodied prey sustains my life for one more day
The oldest of souls, left behind after life
Before death I was nothing but human

Indulgence in the blood, intoxicated from its drug
It warms my cold soul

Tapping the gushing sap, trickling down my throat
Rejuvenation of my body, no blood left to scab
Now it flows through my veins, Heaven I have found
Fear in my grip, transcend beyond mortal

The sweet blood, I will swallow, draining the inner spirit
Feasting on the power, knowing only pleasure
Human blood I devour, ghastly beauty look into my eyes
To reproduce with the living every century
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Impregnation of the virgin, I drink the blood of the unborn
Returning to my grave, dragging my blood drained prey
My body burns from the light, sleeping until night

In my clutch, you greet me with open arms
Soon I will rip them off and drink the blood from the stumps
Life and death are too clear but mankind is blind to see
The twisted path of their own mortality

Scripts of the dead, netherworld knowledge
Rotten fragrance lingers, unleash the odor
I have risen

Vampire, zombie sucking on arteries, body numbs
One of my sons died for your sins
Resurrect him so I can drink his blood again
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Lyrics to The Cryptic Stench
by Cannibal Corpse

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