Lyrics to Ordinary Eyes
by Carbon Leaf

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[edit]Song titleOrdinary Eyes
[edit]Artist nameCarbon Leaf
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Gather round, gather all:
Keep it real, strip it down
Rather not wait around
With the Hungry Eyes of a
snake-oil salesman
Water to wine
Have got the patience...
Haven't got the time
Saw Dusty Eyes...some enthused
Some act the part
(but nonetheless, plan to lose)
Something wicked-good this way comes
Not twice upon a lifetime
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They know the black clouds
They are all runnin' home
Lightning rod (divining toy)
When the rains come,
what is your source
for joy?
Looked at my life: a painted clown
Keep it real, strip it down
Rather not wait around
With the Hungry Eyes of a
snake oil salesman
Home, home.
They are all runnin' home.
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Lyrics to Ordinary Eyes
by Carbon Leaf

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