Lyrics to Malignant Defecation
by Carcass

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[edit]Song titleMalignant Defecation
[edit]Artist nameCarcass
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Dried, rotting, flaking, rancid flesh
Crumbling tissue - nothing left
Cancerous, mouldy, septic infestation
Smouldering decay of defecation

Your bowels now play host to pestilent decay
Waiting dormantly, it knows you're easy prey

See the corpse, smell the rot
Find more similar lyrics on mortis sets in like a frost
Lacerated arteries, entrails in a mess
The dry, stale smell of long rotted flesh

See the corpse, smell the warmth
As its cold, grey insides fester and burn
The guts may melt, but the torso remains
As the jellified innards turn into methane
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Lyrics to Malignant Defecation
by Carcass

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