Lyrics to Dreamer
by Carl Thomas

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[edit]Song titleDreamer
[edit]Artist nameCarl Thomas
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I used to love to dream out loud
stand in the middle of an open crowd
then everybody would see me
but I was just a little project child
and I was just a dreamer

and as I proceed to reach my teens
responsibility was far it seemed
and in my heart I
really wanted to sing
and I gave my heart to dream

when I see you
I wanna thank you
just let me shake your hand
and tell you I appreciate you
just for this chance

now everybody knows my name
my nights are famous
but my days' the same
you make me know this love is real
cause that's exactly
how you make me feel
everyday I'm dreaming

oh she can tell me what I can do
cause I can always find a way to prove
that you can always count on me
even though I lie awake and dream

Chorus (x4)

I wanna thank you
For this chance you've given me
for helping me love somebody, you
Find more similar lyrics on for this chance, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Just for this chance with you
I wanna thank you for
the little things
for the little things yeah, yeah

I'm here because
you've got me through
made understand those things
that I couldn't do
and ill show my love to make you see
that everything I have without
you it will never be

Chorus (x3)

I wanna thank you
Gave me the chance to touch your hand
Oh, oh
And we can just hang around, yeah
So when I see you I wanna tell you
Oh, oh when you call me,
I'm gonna listen
Because I wanna be
right there for you,
Oh girl...

oh girl oh oh oh oh oh
oh girl oh oh oh oh

when I see
oh when I see you
when I see you
I wanna thank you
oohhh (till fade)
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Lyrics to Dreamer
by Carl Thomas

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