Lyrics to Love Makes the World
by Carole King

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[edit]Song titleLove Makes the World
[edit]Artist nameCarole King
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There was trouble in my mind tonight
Somethin' inside didn't feel quite right
Then I saw your face in the moonlight
And I was right beside U

Don't need words that we useta use
It goes deeper than the words we choose
Can't lose--I wanna spread the news
U got love inside U

Some days it's hard to know
what you're feelin'
I've been down that road before

I can't stop believing
Love makes the world go 'round
As long as you're a part of me
Nothin's gonna take me down, oh
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Last winter when the snowfall hit
Cold city--it was hard to commit
You were out there lookin' for the perfect fit
And I was right beside U

Nothin' real comes overnight
U weren't sure if it felt right
But sometimes a love can move your life
If U let it guide U

Baby, U got to take love where you can find it
Just walk right through that door

I can't stop believing
Love makes the world go 'round
As long as I'm a part of U
Nothin's gonna take U down, oh
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Lyrics to Love Makes the World
by Carole King

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