Lyrics to King for a day
by Caroline's Spine

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[edit]Song titleKing for a day
[edit]Artist nameCaroline's Spine
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm lost,
hearing all the things we say,
looks like another day of wasting life.
I ned a simple place where I can go and
my face won't be shown for a long time.
All I want is an ice cream cone, a convertible car,
and a country home in the hills and you know why.
Things the way they are make me
sit right here and cry.
I'm lost,
seeing all the things we see can't be right for me
Find more similar lyrics on say I'm blind.
They're making fun of my shoes, shorts, shirt,
just blows my mind.
If you follow, I'll cherish us
and we'll never be alone.
But if you turn me down,
I'm gonna leave your ass at home
so now I got my way, I crowned myself king for a day
and I finally got to implement my changes.
I wake up in the trees with my queen next
to me cause a king needs to know his place.
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Lyrics to King for a day
by Caroline's Spine

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