Lyrics to In Love Alone
by Carpenters

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[edit]Song titleIn Love Alone
[edit]Artist nameCarpenters
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I memorize the words I want to say
I practice every move I'll make
I polay the scene like you were here
And I feel every breath you take

But all my plans just seem to melt away
The moment you walk in the room
I try to speak but words won't come
Till I'm alone again

I'm leaving my heart on the shelf
Sleep is a place I only cry myself
And dream by myself

{1} I'm not in love alone
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Just like I've always known
Once we begin we're forever
And I will never spend a long night
Without you again

So now you know what I've been going through
Now all I really need to know
Is why your eyes look so surprised
Oh no! This can't be true
Would you have let me walk away?
Why have you kept your feelings locked away?
Did I hear you say?

Repeat {1}
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Lyrics to In Love Alone
by Carpenters

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