Lyrics to 4 my Click (Street)
by Cash Money Click

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[edit]Song title4 my Click (Street)
[edit]Artist nameCash Money Click
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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INTRO: Mic Geronimo
Yeah yeah
'94 style
Ca$h Money Click
Ja Rule
Chris Black
Get money

VERSE 1: Nemesis
Ca$h Money Click flips like acrobats over tracks
Summersaultin on DATs and dropped off wax
Surprise, it's the nigga with the red eyes
I stay high with infrared seein
through all y'all small guys
Niggas get nervous, got sweat in your palms
I predict more downfall than Sly Stone's moms
The fugitive runnin, crazed nigga with the knife
Ill trife, got muthafuckas runnin for they life
Totin down off of herbs and a forty
Recollect enough styles up in
my ???? with my shortie
Who got, the shit that's hot (the Click)
I'm on the block, we're guardin
spots, rockin niggas' knots
So check us like illogic, some say I'm sinister
Sizzling, in the summertime when I be settin the
Subliminals, going through your mentals
Fuckin niggas' heads up, leavin em in critical

CHORUS: Mic Geronimo
It's for my Click, nigga, nothin but my Click, and
It's for my Click, nigga, nothin but my Click, and
It's for my Click, nigga, nothin but my Click, and
It's for my Click, nigga, Ca$h Money Click

(I represent my click like a
four-pound) --> Keith Murray

VERSE 2: Chris Black
Shit is fucked up and it gets worse everyday
That's why we sling rocks and all
relate with them A.K.'s
Straight reachin to all them
niggas hustlin on the blocks
Packin em glocks, sayin muthafuck the cops
Lleyo's a street nigga's main occupation
Caught sleep in the game, the
morgue's your destination
So go ahead with your badself, nigga
Find more similar lyrics on'm knockin dicks in the dirt with this one finger
Wine be fine, what the fuck, so is crime, nigga
Roll a zhigge zhigge and blaze on the trigger, nigga
Show no shame when you're caught up in this game
Maintain, but never strain flow with the blow
Cause in this trade you're full
of tricks and surprises
Downfall and rises, the Click enterprises
Settin for nothin less, why fess?
Ain't no turnin back, get caught
up in this bloody mess


VERSE 3: Ja Rule
Big shouts to my thug niggas, worldwide
Peace to the East Side, West Side, nigga riiiiide..
Check out the way it's goin down in the underground
The Click is packin four-pounds
A full pressure, nothin settlin for less
Eliminatin stress, 550 for a Tec
Now it's time to move, stick and stack
Nemesis, Black, keep your hand on your gat
Cause it'is like that, the ghetto's
been good but it's rugged
True to the game, muthafucka, I'ma thug it
And make it happen, on stage or in the streets
Put down your micro rhymin ?????? beats
If your shit's real all you
fake niggas know the deal
Steal a bone from a dog and your cap get peeled
By CMC, RIP, emergency
All praise is due to Ja Rule and Ca$h Money


OUTRO: Mic Geronimo
Yeah yeah
3 brand new ways
To get nothin but money

Yeah yeah
One love


Yeah (yeah)
Muthafucka (muthafucka)
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Lyrics to 4 my Click (Street)
by Cash Money Click

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