Lyrics to The Message
by Cassidy

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[edit]Song titleThe Message
[edit]Artist nameCassidy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It’s a real bad time for black celebrities
They lockin' everybody up

Michael Jackson, James Brown, Tupac, R. Kelly
OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z, Mystikal
P. Diddy, Allen Iverson, Snoop Dogg, DMX
Styles P, Shine, Beanie Segal, Lil’ Kim

Is it because I’m black?
Is it because I’m black?

When you black you got to hustle, got to struggle and strive
And not every cat that goes through that struggle survive
But he got to stay stronger and keep the struggle alive
They say the struggle died, I say the struggle revived

Hey you, my profession is going through oppression
That’s why I’m so stressed and I'm working with no rest
And no question I'ma fight for y'all 'cause I don’t like it y'all
We make half as much as them, we workin' twice as hard y'all

It ain't fair sometimes you see and hear the signs
I ain't Farachan but I got knowledge and I’m sharing mines
I swear it's time to be aware that they fear you mind
And they fear your heart, you want to change here's the start

I’m tired of watchin' cops outline my peers and y'all
I’m trying to make a move, I’m not tryin' to make the news
They say the consequences worst when we break the rules
To get back and right you got to make a sacrifice

Is it because I’m black?
Is it because I’m black?

We got some problems we need solve
Here's our chance to get them handle
Just take the boycott in Alabama for example
They stop ridin' the bus till they address their affairs
And they ended segregation in less than a year

Find more similar lyrics on imagine what our status if we made a contribution
We’ll probably be able to change the constitution
I can't see no other kind of solution
We deserve our reparation, it's time for a revolution

I’m a step ahead of Satan, I read it in Revelations
Forget your reputation, let's make it a better nation
'Cause they trying to cage us in make us slaves again
Eventually it's meant to be the new plantation, the penitentiary

For centuries they had a plan we let them executed
Everyday another brother getting executed
And all our artist getting arrested I expect improvement
It’s a message in the music, I suggest you use it

Somebody tell me what can I do
Will I survive or will I die?

On the streets it's hard to survive why, is it because I’m black?
Hot Shot got rock, I can't bring my cousin back
Five-hundred thousand sold, gold, yeah, it wasn’t plat
But Clyde gave me another try 'cause I wasn’t whack

And now I'm buzzin' back, yeah, I got my budget back
Renegotiating got a mil to do a dozen tracks
Yeah, I’m eatin' only reason is because I rap
My homies eatin' only reason is because of crack

They can't get a job so them niggas quick to rob
Quick to steal, quick to kill, grip the steal, quick to ride
Malcolm X, Martin Luther King we cant forget them guys
These politician, hypocrites they got us hypnotized

That why I kiss writt, why we got to lift our eyes?
'Cause if we keep ’em close they just goin' keep control
And hold our sisters and brothers in the pen
And we was born guilty 'cause the color of our skin

Is it because I’m black?
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Lyrics to The Message
by Cassidy

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