Lyrics to Fuck U Silly
by Cassie & Nicki Minaj

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[edit]Song titleFuck U Silly
[edit]Artist nameCassie
[edit]FeaturingNicki Minaj
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Nicki Minaj:
Yo Cassie you a bad bitch I'm a call you Lassie
Just left the tall ass state Tallahassee
Don't mind me even with your GPS could'nt find me
Looking at this boy I'm a call him Mac Dre me
I was wondering if he could suck Dick Cheney
Got a Lamborghini so them doors gone high
And I button down Chris Brown bowtie

I'm a bad bad woman but you already know
I'm hard to handle baby I need a animal
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck u silly ay

Way out of control, I put it down for sho
On the bar on the floor so what you waiting for
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You can't even stand it I'm a superwoman boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You don't wanna give it away x2

So hey there cowboy I need a little love
And I'm a ride or die so baby giddy up
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck you silly ay

I make a lot of noise I wake the neighbors up
Find more similar lyrics on get it popping daddy 'cause I don't give a what
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You can't even stand it I'm a superwoman boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You don't wanna give it away x2

Oh I'm in a position too explicit I'm so bad
The best you ever had come try me baby
And you can come and get it hop in it make it splash
If you can handle that, handle that oh
'Cause I don't wanna get this party popping without you babe, without
You babe
I let you grab me by the hair and I don't even care who hears me screaming shout oh

Nicki Minaj:
Hmmmm... Hmmm...
Is that my cue I'm looking for some brain to boost my iq
I'm like 5'2 my SAT scores were high too
But I don't wanna brag I Louis Vuitton bag em
Hopped out the Jag proceded to shag shag them
Thought he was a queen I dra-dra-dra-dragged em
Dodged to the room and whipped out the magnum
Slim trim also light skin now pe-pe-peter put the pipe in
Yes sir I am that bitch fuck you silly like the rabbit
Giddy up giddy up now wake diddy up diddy up diddy up
Young money Nicki bad boy Cassie you wanna minaj now let's get nasty
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Lyrics to Fuck U Silly
by Cassie & Nicki Minaj

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