Lyrics to Ugly Bastards
by Casualties

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[edit]Song titleUgly Bastards
[edit]Artist nameCasualties
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Out of School, I've got no work
So my parents kicked me out of home
My girlfriend yesterday
Left me alone, Left me insane

Oh my god was I all wrong?
Ugly bastard, You ugly bastard
Was it all just my fault?
Ugly bastard, you ugly bastard
Is it me? What a shame
Ugly bastards, You ugly bastards

So I say it once again
Because I'm ugly, I'm in pain
Always seem to be alone
No one by my side for too long

Oh my god I'll prove you wrong
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No It was not my fault
Ugly bastard, You ugly Bastard
Can't you see you're the one to blame
Ugly Bastards, We are fucking ugly

Now I say it once again
All ud uglies go insane
we have got nothing to lose
Because we're punk, this is true
So I say it one more time
Ugly Bastard, you ugly bastard
We are ugly Bastards now
All we do is scream and shout
Ugly bastard, you ugly bastard
'Cause it sucks all around
Ugly Bastards, we're Ugly bastards
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Lyrics to Ugly Bastards
by Casualties

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