Lyrics to Aretha, Sing One For Me
by Cat Power

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[edit]Song titleAretha, Sing One For Me
[edit]Artist nameCat Power
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
[edit]Brief notesOriginally by George Jackson
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Me and my baby, we had a big fight
We ended our romance the same night
In an angry mood he walked out the door
I said this song's going to an Aretha Franklin show

Hey Aretha, sing one for me
Let him know our life's in misery
Will you sing a song that will touch his heart
And make him sorry that we are apart?

I don't know if taking requests is part of your show
Do me this favor and I'll love you forevermore
Many romances have been saved by your sound
You've touched so many lovers, so many times

Yes, Aretha, sing one for me
Find more similar lyrics on him know my life's in misery
Will you sing a song that will touch his heart
And make him sorry that we ever parted?

'Think', 'Respect', 'Call Me'
'A Bridge Over Troubled Waters'
And 'I Can't See Myself Leaving You'

Hey Aretha, sing one for me
Let him know I'm as miserable as a woman could be
Sing a song that'll touch his heart
So he'll be sorry that we are apart

'Think', 'Respect', 'Call Me'
'I Never Loved a Man Like I Love You'
And 'I Can't See Myself Leaving You'
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Lyrics to Aretha, Sing One For Me
by Cat Power

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