Lyrics to My Burst Balloon
by Catch

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[edit]Song titleMy Burst Balloon
[edit]Artist nameCatch
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm not aware that pushing forward constitutes an
advance. That memory's best served by one backward
glance; But I'm concerned for people like you who
think it's okay to do what you do to me. Well it's
not. You see. Yes. I am scared that if I challenge
you. You'll push me away. Or strike me dumb when I
have so much to say. I've practiced these words.
Yet now they accuse. My heart's fit to burst with
all I could lose from love. Did I choose love? Oh
. my burst balloon. Oh my shattered dreams. Oh. My
Find more similar lyrics on -called life. This tired tune. My burst
balloon. I don't agree: if you can't kiss another
you're not free?? Go satisfy your lust - forget
about me. But what will it mean when everyone's
gone ? your body is queen. Your mind carries on
empty. It was not meant to be. I won't be scared:
I won't hold back . I'll make my point . I'll seek
my fact. I won't be quiet. Won't settle down. You
picked me up. You hung around. For now it's my
turn to do the same? I never played those games.
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Lyrics to My Burst Balloon
by Catch

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