Lyrics to Phoenix Rising
by Cathedral

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[edit]Song titlePhoenix Rising
[edit]Artist nameCathedral
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Alter of the sun god,
We melt before your flames.
Children of darkness
Bound in human chains
Hellfire kindles the hatred in our hearts
All love has frozen from
you, we are torn apart

To the sun we are blind
As we watch our world die
From the ashes of demise
Our burning phoenix shall arise

Soldiers of fortune fighting unto death
Condemned in armour sold for their last breath
Upright citizents to decadence enslaved
Peak of pleasure waiting in your graves
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To the sun we are blind
As we watch our world die
From the ashes of demise
Our burning phoenix shall arise

As pur dreams turn into burning ash
We crystalise in flames,then fly

To the sun we are blind
As we watch our world die
From the ashes of demise
Our burning phoenix shall arise

Corporate fascists feast upon corpse of man
Psycho assassins from the holy land
Fiery destruction ? our salvation found.
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Lyrics to Phoenix Rising
by Cathedral

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